THE EMPIRES OF THE SMILE - autobiographical

‘Free churches’ genesis of worship in the modern world a miracle signed by NGOs. How to get rich by making believe to feed small niggers. How to create a mystical cult and live rich and happy, teaches the Moon’s Sect and Scientology, the ‘laic sect’ that preceded a few months in the foundation as an NGO, taking advantage of non-profit statutes, above all in tax-free privileges, to be able to build a substantial financed empire. In the unification church case, by the self-proclaimed ‘messiah’ Sun Myung Moon, entirely with the planetary fundraising of its fifteen thousand militant followers. The unhealthy seeds of that era, we find in our time, weighing on potentially fatal issues: a new demographic ‘NGO type’ that lives at the cost of the productive society, is growing more and more causing the annihilation of the Christian West, where the tangible merit award is the key to its success. In this autobiographical book, I recount my twenty years of experience at the service of Sun Myung Moon, a guru determined to take the place of Christ and convincing to perform imaginative philanthropic activities in Africa, behind the facade of an insistently vaunted Christian ecumenism, but in the reality nonexistent. The ‘true’ story of Emmanuel Milingo at his court. In this book, I propose a dossier on the little-known aspects of a social disease, which is leading the liberal societies to ruin.